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What are bots?

Bots are software that are designed to automate the kinds of tasks you might usually do on your own, like making a holiday reservation, changing your bank details or fetching and displaying information. They are often designed to look like they live inside messaging platforms such as Facebook and (other) or can be integrated into multiple platforms, such as your website and apps, and simulate conversation that feels like you are talking to a human being.

This can be through text and voice, or through buttons for ease-of-use. They are designed to respond in a human way, combining pre-set scripts with artificial intelligence and data sources. They keep track of conversations, learn and improve.

They offer convenient, intelligent and meaningful assistance to your customers. Here at Smartbots, our bots are personalised, portable, multi-channel and tailored to your audience.

Value of bots

Bots are central to the future of customer engagement and transforming business processes by handling a variety of customer service requests, which might normally require a telephone call to a human agent.

Bots can simply, intelligently and efficiently automate predictable, repeatable and complicated tasks at scale and make sense of large amounts of data and information. They can save time and resources and even enhance the capabilities of your customer service agents.

For the best customer experience, you need a perfect alchemy of bots and humans. Where websites and apps ask customers to self-serve, chabots allow you to provide a service to every customer online, without the need for agents and queues.

Chatbots can be attentive assistants, forming a one-to-one relationship and building a holistic picture of each and every customer.

Chatbots are much easier to build and deploy than apps or websites and are engaging, simple to install and even simpler to use! They can be easily discovered inside the messaging apps where your customers are spending an increasing amount of their time.

Why now?

Put simply, the technology that powers bots, artificial intelligence software, is improving at a rate of knots, thanks to heightened interest from key players like Facebook and Google. That AI enables computers to process language — and actually converse with humans — in ways they never could before.

Also the increasing use of consumer technology has made people impatient, especially when it comes to customer service. Social media helped streamline those conversations, and now bots can automate them.

“The chat space is sort of the last unpolluted space on your phone,” said Sam Mandel builder of the weather bot, Poncho.

The Unit

About us

Smartbots is a lab project from The Unit who create people-led digital strategy and delightful customer experience.

Founded in 2006 with the core purpose to work more collaboratively with clients and provide a more integrated digital ‘unit’, we offer customer experience design, transformation and innovation for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We collaborate with our clients to anticipate the future, helping them evolve, grow and launch their next generation customer propositions.

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